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I think this Hoenn confirmed thing is beautiful

We should have seen this coming

It was obvious.


Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.

Alpha (Αα) and Omega (Ωω) are Greek letters.

Lambda (Λλ) is a Greek letter.


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Misogyny and Super Smash Bros.



A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine who goes by the handle _milktea published a great essay about her experiences as a woman in the competitive gaming world, specifically the Super Smash Bros. community. There were many reactions to her essay,…

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why cant I ever beat 15 minute melee

Donkey Kong. Stand in the middle. Spam Down-B.

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Wow, This like totally captures my opinion perfectly.


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Wii Fit Trainer and retro characters like R.O.B are the best examples for a fact, that character’s chance on the roster doesn’t depends on their popularity.

Are you serious Wii Fit is one of the best selling games of the past generation and R.O.B. helped resurrect the console market in the U.S. by allowing Nintendo to sell the NES in toy stores what do you mean they’re not popular.

Get yo’ facts straight.

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Microsoft pays Machinima to endorse the Xbox One, and lie about it.

Video Game Let’s Player, critic, and online personality Fraser Agar (Video Games Awesome) gives his reaction to the recent news that Machinima was being payed by Microsoft to praise the new Xbox (and not tell anyone), the lack of integrity among Microsoft and online creators, and how such actions affect the online community.

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i wonder if i could make a fake smash bros leak and make people believe me

Thing is, they’re all fake.

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Screw The Rules, I Have Gadgets!


'Hoy, small fry.

Wander here, and today, I’m going to blow your mind.

We are all (I hope) familiar with the basic requirements for a character to be considered eligible for representation in Super Smash Bros.

1. The character must have originated in a video game.

2. The character must have appeared on a Nintendo console.

However, there is one iron-clad axiom for not just these, but to all of life’s bylaws:

There is an exception to every rule.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the one character in defiance of Sakurai’s laws to not only be considered as playable character, but actually had his franchise represented in Smash since the N64 original.

His name is Bond.

James Bond.


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The 8-bit Eighties: Part 2


'Hoy, readers!

Wander here again. Today we’ll be continuing our foray into Nintendo’s 8-bit legacy, only this time we’ll be looking at characters exclusive to the Japanese Famicom. Let’s get started!



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The 8-bit Eighties: Part 1



'Hoy, insanekirby! Wander here, and I think I may have some answers for you.

Sakurai certainly does seem the nostalgic type, with long-forgotten characters making their grand return in Smash. Ice Climbers, G-Dubs, Pit, R.O.B., and even Marth hadn’t been seen in their own games for years until they appeared in Smash (granted, R.O.B. had recently been playable in Mario Kart DS before coming to Brawl). And you’re right about Sakurai liking to surprise us, too; WFT is a great example of that.

When making Melee, Sakurai wanted a character from the 8-bit era on the roster; many characters were considered; most of them from NES launch titles, but eventually the Ice Climbers were chosen for the unique two-in-one play-style they offered. But some of the other contenders for this spot were pretty unusual. 

So, you want to know which others from the golden days of the NES and Famicom could appear in a Smash game? Over the course of this two-part article, I’ll show you ten (though probably not playable). Let’s get this thing started.



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